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“Don’t Make Me Laugh”
The improvisation game that WILL make you laugh! What’s better than a party where you’re laughing with your friends and family? Now Lolo makes it easy with Don’t Make Me Laugh! In this fun game players accumulate points by making each other laugh.It's easy top be funny, jus act out the hysterical situations on the cards.
click here to learn more

“Don’t Make Me Laugh” Jr. edition
Kids ages 5 & up go nuts over this 7-time award winner! The game where the first player to the BIG GUFFAW wins the game, but everyone is a winner if he or she has fun laughing along the way. click here to learn more

Magic Wand
This is the BEST looking and BEST acting, most realistic wizard's magic wand we have ever seen. Press the button on the base end and a flashing light appears at the tip while a mystical WHOOSHING sound emits from a small speaker in the handle. Very effective. click here to learn more

“I Love to Laugh” (book)
Give children the advantage of a headstart on learning and laughing. This Fun-Filled book of simple, parent-child activities is certain to encourage and promote the wonderful gift of GIGGLES AND LAUGHTER! click here to learn more

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“The Laughing Classroom” (book)
We all learn more effectively when we are enjoying the process. Humor sets a social context within which most students feel comfortable and appreciate learning. Loomans and Kolberg have written the best available cornucopia of hands-on ideas for applying humor and easy-to-follow techniques for increasing the playfulness of teaching. click here to learn more

“Kids Who Laugh” (book)
Centenarians often claim that "a sense of humor" contributed to their long lives. People who can laugh can also better endure life's ups and downs, find pleasure, cope with stress, and make life fun for those around them. Developing a sense of humor in kids takes effort, says clinical psychologist Franzini, but it's worth it. Describing how essential it is to nurture a sense of humor, Franzini gives specifics on what's amusing to infants, preschoolers, and older children. Great for parents and teachers. click here to learn more

Official Laughing Key Ring
Carry this tiny-but-powerful portable laughter machine with you, and become an ambassador for laughter. We have been searching for this for a long time, and now it is here! Just push the button and this surprisingly small device uses sophisticated computer chip technology to produce a 10-second burst of clear, realistic group laughter. click here to learn more

“Laughing Matters: Strategies for Building a Joyful Learning Community" (book)
By former teacher and principal, Sue Stephenson, M.Ed., CLL, and award-winning educator, Paul Thibault, M.Ed. - published by Solution Tree! For collaborative school teams, new teachers and administrators, study groups, book clubs. click here to learn more

“Teaching and Joy” (book)
Steve Wilson is a contributor to this collection of inspiring stories by people who share a vision of schools, families, and communities where human beings experience joyful learning. The stories prove that great learning and great teaching can occur only in an atmosphere of love, clear purpose, and commitment. click here to learn more

“Taking Laughter to School” (multimedia kit)
We produced this "kit" from our archives of support materials for CLLs who want to bring joyful laughter programs to schools, and for those who want to create Intergenerational Laughter Clubs (ILC). The kit provides visuals so you can see how the school laughter class and the ILC are structured. click here to learn more

Lunch Mail: Set 1 & Set 2
Kids and adults alike need simple, positive connections and reassurance. We are all so busy yet World Laughter Tour is actively searching for new ways to build and maintain positive connections in an increasingly stressful world. Each card conceals a "secret message" (ninety different messages in all) to provide reinforcement and positive assurance, showing others that you are rooting for them every step of the way! click here to learn more

“Using Humor to Maximize Learning: The Links between Positive Emotions and Education” (book)
Mary Kay Morrison has written a seminal book for practicing educators on how to bring humor into your classroom in positive, productive ways. Mary Kay is an educator "from the trenches" so she knows firsthand the importance and effectiveness of humor with learning. This book is filled with all sorts of gems - wonderful quotes, related research, and absolutely great on-the-job practical suggestions. click here to learn more

“Noses are Red: How to Nurture Your Child’s Sense of Humor” (book)
Child & adolescent psychiatrist, Joel Schwartz, M.D., shows you what is necessary at each stage of your child's development for humor to flourish. It will also encourage and help you give the gift of a sense of humor to your children. click here to learn more

“Promoting Children's Sense of Humor” (2-book set)
One book for parents & teachers, plus a companion book for elementary school-aged children.

By Paul E. McGhee, PhD, who has published three previous books on children’s humor and is internationally known for his own humor research. Dr. McGhee is an advisor to the FUNNY LITERACY project.

The parents' book discusses the many intellectual, social, emotional and health benefits of children's play and humor; details developmental changes from infancy through elementary school; shows parents and teachers how to nurture and strengthen children's humor skills.

Companion book: The children's book includes 250 riddles with a key part of the punch line missing. Three clues guide the child's thinking in the right direction, but she must create her own punch line, using the information given. This book builds children's verbal humor skills by facilitating creative and funny insights. click here to learn more

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Laffy Laffalot Interactive Laughing Toy for Children of All Ages


Approximately 10" tall, Laffy Laffalot(TM) is an innovative, interactive toy designed to bring laughter into the lives of children. At the touch of a button, hear 20 hilarious pre-programmed, MP3 high-quality LAUGHS. Instantly puts smiles on faces by hearing messages or laughter from a firend or loved one which you can pre-record into custom buttons.



    Laffy Laffalot's unique features include:

Four buttons to record and play custom, comforting, uplifting, celebratory, or other messages from mom, dad, friends or loved ones.

A hilarious helium effect dial that alters any laugh or custom message for endless hours of fun.
Laffy Laffalot also comes with a built-in speaker, MP3 quality sound, headphones that won't hurt small ears and two AA batteries.


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