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Friday, April 5, 2013
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a joyous and playful, yet absolutely serious, effort to increase awareness of the importance of bringing a playful attitude to work - also a great way to kick off National Humor Month - all of April - now in its 37th year


Need some fun ideas? Not sure what to do? Need help? Here are some unusual ways to celebrate the day with your co-workers, adapted from Playfair:

  • Ask all employees to bring in baby photos or pet pictures or High School yearbook photos to post on the bulletin board. Then guess who's who.
  • The Traveling Bouquet. Bring in a bouquet of flowers and present it to one of your co-workers. Tell him or her, I want you to keep this on your desk for the next half-hour. Then pass it on to someone else and tell them to do the same!
  • Hold a Company Limo Lottery. Hold a lottery where the winner gets driven to and from work in the company limo. (If you don't have a company limo, rent one for the day!)
  • Offer your employees some unusual gifts (like free housecleaning certificates) to celebrate the day.
  • Take some Joy Breaks during the day and teach all your employees the art of scarf juggling. . .or play marbles together.
  • Hire an On-site Masseuse for the day.
  • Take a group photo portrait of your office mates dressed up for Clash Dressing Day ... or Polka Dots Day ... or Suspender Day ... or Pajama Day ... or Bad Hair Day!
  • Dog Days of Spring: Let all employees bring their pets to work with them for this fun day celebration!
  • Bring in some champagne (or sparkling apple juice) and take time to toast each other, your successes and your fabulous failures of the past few weeks.
  • Hold an all-employee pizza party ... with the name of your company spelled out across the top of the pies in mushrooms!
  • Decorate Smiley faces and put them up in a "giggle gallery"; make it a contest; have themes such as love, peace, cheer, get-well, Valentines, birthdays, 4th of July, thinking-of-you...whatever; donate them to a hospital! Make your own smiley or start with the 13" diameter smiley cardboard cutouts shown below, available at www.smileystore.com.




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